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Règne Sauvage is a new AU yaoi role-play for advanced, dedicated, and active writers. The story is based on Japan's four most prominent gangs and their struggle to be the best - in this power-hungry battle, they somehow manage to drag even the most unlikely candidates onto front lines.

The Gangs:

Oonishi's talents lie in counterfeiting; though they are always improving their imitations, much of the country's currency is known to be spawn of the Oonishi already – the only problem is telling it from the real thing.

Baisotei is the terror gang; assassinations and threats are their main proficiency.

Ezakiya's area of expertise include the smuggling, dealing, and overall marketing of illegal drugs of all kinds.

Sakubara is the infiltration gang; they specialize in surreptitiously entering usually large businesses, and retrieving any and all information to work to their benefit. This gang also houses many of Japan's most skilled hackers, for purposes of infiltrating from the outside.

Possible positions range from leaders of these gangs to members, to strippers and prostitutes to business officials, bartenders or host club workers. Since the role-play is brand new, there are practically no claims as of yet. So hurry and come claim your muse and desired position; first come first served. We hope to see you there!

My apologies to the mods if this is not permitted. :o
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